Joint mission with UNDP Consultants in preparation for completion of HPMP Stage I and Training of Komaj Customers (end-users) on Methyl formate Technology; held at Golfview Hotel, GRA, Ikeja, Lagos.

The joint mission team including NOO officials and UNDP representatives held series of meetings at Golf View Hotel, GRA. Ikeja Lagos to discuss completion of HPMP stage I and the Group Project under stage II. In attendance were Engr. A.I. Idris, National Ozone Officer, Yunusa Galadima, SSO (NOO), Mr. Bert Veenendaal, (Senior Expert Foam), UNDP, Mr. Amir William, HPMP Consultant, Egypt. The team agreed on completion of HPMP I project at Vitapur System House and to conduct Methyl formate end user workshop for Komaj thermoware customers. Strategies to accomplish these were also discussed. 

The joint team met with Engr. Ajiri Efole, System House Manager, Vitapur who briefed them on progress of activities at the System House on three applications (blocks, spray and panels. He said production of Panels was ok with no shrinkage. For Blocks, there was shrinkage. Three (3) spray trials were conducted and there was shrinkage and cross linkage, also a drop in density. The team agreed to conduct End-user Workshop on Methylformate (MF) Technology at Golf View Hotel on the 25th October, 2018 and planned the presentations to be made during the workshop. Also agreed was that after the presentations, all participants present will be conveyed for a field visit to Vitapur plant; Individual trials of each end-user company will be conducted. At the end of the workshop downstream end-users will sign a letter of commitment where all Customers will be informed about legal requirements and Technical details of the Methylformate based system. By January, 2019, it is expected that Vitapur will no longer purchase or use HCFC-141b for their production and there will be close monitoring of Vitapur by the NOO.

The team met with Mr. Tunde Okoya from Lange & Grant and Mr. Bolaji Okoya of Sparcle & Crystal to discuss how to organize the two companies for the Group Project to be called Slavit and to review the budget of the project. After several discussions, some strategies for startup of the Group project were proposed including need for a chemist at L & G, engagement of a Consultant for installation of a Continuous line machine and to follow-up with L & G (Rine Overkamp), visit to Egypt for familiarization with other similar plants; among others.

The joint mission team met with Komaj representative, Mr. Jide Taiwo who gave a brief update on preparation for the komaj customer’s workshop scheduled to hold on Thursday the 25th October, 2018. During the meeting it was agreed that Vitapur should make all possible arrangement for the field visits and prepare chemicals for trials, practical demonstration for thermoware for Komaj customers.

The team drew up the programme of events for the end-user workshop and proposed a fact finding visit to Vitapur in order to ascertain the progress of their activities with regards to the responsibilities vested on them for the workshop.

The Joint team visited Vitapur on Tuesday 23rd October, 2018 at around 11:00am and held a meeting with Vitapur General Manager, Engr. Yemi Mofikoya. The purpose of the visit was to ascertain the progress of their activities and discuss in preparation for the end user workshop. Mr. Bert Veenendaal (Senior Foam Expert) gave a highlight on the need to complete the HPMP-I project of the System House at Vitapur after the end user workshop and signing of MOA with Vitapur on the system house project. In conclusion, Mr. Bert is to draft the “MOA” and send to Engr. Idris (NOO) for review, endorsement and sending to Engr. Yemi for onward submission to Vitapur Board for their consideration and endorsement on the need to Phase-out HCFC-141b in their production and to stop importation of the aforementioned ODS according to the guide lines of the Montreal Protocol. 

The workshop was organised by FMEnv in collaboration with UNDP and was attended by Komaj thermoware customers, vitapur representatives, UNDP consultants and NOO representatives. It started around 10:30am with registration of participants and was officially declared open by Engr. Idris Abdullahi, who welcomed participants and gave a brief on the main objective of the training Workshop which is to provide Komaj customers with relevant information, special requirements and other salient issues relating to Methylformate technology. Presentations done include: Introduction to the Montreal Protocol and MLF program by Engr. Idris (NOO), Polyurethane Alternatives by Bert Veenendaal (UNDP), History of Vitapur System House by Engr. Ajiri Efiole (Vitapur) & Vitapur Market System by Engr. Yemi Mofikoya (Vitapur). After the presentations, tea break followed and all participants were later conveyed to Vitapur System House where practical demonstrations on thermoware application was conducted for the end users/customers of Komaj. The participants were returned to the venue of the workshop where they took their launch. 

With completion of the end user workshop and drafting of Vitapur MOA for review, endorsement and signing by all Parties, Nigeria’s HPMP I has being officially completed.

Recommendations/Next Steps:

i. Bert Veenendaal is to prepare HPMP stage II “MOA” for Lange & Grant to be ready by December, 2018 ii. Field visit to companies in Egypt on continuous line technology for rigid foam production is to be arranged for FMEnv and Lange & Grant by end of November

iii. Vitapur is to sign their “MOA” on adoption of HCFC-free technology by December, 2018.

iv. There should be close supervision of Vitapur by the NOO to ensure their compliance with the MOA they signed to stop use of HCFC 141b for their rigid foam production.

v. Komaj is to follow up on the statement of completion (SOC) prepared to be signed by their customers and submit them to the NOO.