Collaboration of the government with the private sector in the implementation of the HPMP was further strengthened with the training of some beneficiary technicians under UNIDO component of stage 1 of the HPMP. This was achieved at a workshop on safer production of PU foam and Business Development co-organized by BASF Africa, Chemical co and UNIDO in Ibadan on 19 - 20 March, 2019. Highlights of the workshop include presentations on PU foaming techniques, safety issues and business development followed by practical sessions on foaming techniques using foaming machines. The National Ozone Office of the Federal Ministry of Environment was represented at the event.

In continuation of implementation of UNIDO component of stage I of the HPMP project, the National Ozone Office of the Federal Ministry of Environment in collaboration with UNIDO organized a training for the 34 beneficiaries in the Refrigeration & Air conditioning Manufacturing Sector on safe handling of polyurethane chemicals used for foaming operations in the manufacture of ice making machines and other Refrigeration & Air conditioning equipment, as part of events for distribution of  chemicals and safety equipment to the beneficiaries. The event was held from 10 – 12 June, 2019 at the Federal Ministry of Environment Zonal Office, Lagos. In wrap up of the training workshop for the beneficiaries in RAC & Foam sector, UNIDO and BASF co-organized a workshop (for Northern region) for the beneficiaries and other related private sectors especially within the building sector in Abuja. The event took place at BON Hotel in Abuja from 20 - 21 August 2019. Certificates of participation were presented to the trainees after the practical sessions the second day.


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